About Services CloudRadio

We aim to provide the best radio hosting platform in the industry.

Global Network

We offers a low latency worldwide network, enabling a buffer free experience for your listeners. We are proudly servicing thousand of internet radios with our technology.

Montréal, CA

Best for North America and Europe
Good peering with South America

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Roubaix, FR

Best for Europe
Good peering with North America

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Salt Lake, US

Best for North America
Good peering with Asia and Australia

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Warsaw, Poland

Best for CIS countries
Good peering with Europe and North America

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Best for Asia
Good peering with Australia

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Sydney, Australia

Best for Australia
Good peering with Asia

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Deploy Anywhere

When you create a radio, you can deploy to any of our 6 locations. We recommend that you select a location that is the closest to your studio if you want to do live show. If you have any question do not hesitate to contact us.

Migrate Anytime

You can migrate your radio to a different location in one click from your radio console, it's that easy. All your configuration will remain.

Our Team

Our mission is to offer rock solid service in a simplify interface so you can focus on growing your audience. That's what we are passionate about and we are delighting our users with a seamless experience.

Hugues Morneau

Founder and CEO

Nikhil M. Dhuas


Bemalyn Palabon

Customer Service

Services CloudRadio Inc.

We have been offering radio hosting since 2005 and under the CloudRadio brand since 2012.

PO BOX 181 Station H
Montréal, QC, H3G2K7

Email: help@cloudrad.io

Please note that we do not offer phone support at this time. The best and fatest way to contact us is by email or by opening a support ticket, we will reply to you shortly.

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