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Radio station app: Strategies to make it successful

A successful radio station application: works just fine; lacks annoying bugs; is simple to use; delivers a clear and reliable stream; has a great UI; is easy to navigate.

With an app builder—you can create a radio station app without writing a single line of code. An individual or company can also code one for you.

Regardless of the route you choose, these tips will come in handy when creating a great radio app:

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Broadcast Live Audio Online

So what are you planning to broadcast live? Concerts, speeches, podcasts, corporate events, family meetups…

It is quite easy to broadcast live audio. And you can do so, on our audio streaming service for radios.

Fear not if you’re not a radio station, we’re quite suited to handle your live broadcasting needs.

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Radio Station Websites: How to create the best one

Radio websites are precious.” They are the gateway to more listenership. They are a tool for disseminating important info like your upcoming shows, news, etc. 

Websites visually showcase your station, because most of the time, listeners interact with you by ear. We can’t downplay their importancewe must play it up.

In this blog post, we take a deeper peek into radio websites beyond the fancy graphics, gradients, and layouts. Let’s reveal their core components. Let’s see what makes them tick, tick & tick. 

Most importantly, let’s learn how to design radio websites that serve the visitor.

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  • Hugues
  • Updated April 13, 2019

Radio Programming Sources & Syndicated Shows

Tending to the content steam engine at a radio station is a full-time gig.

You need a constant supply of fresh coals---audio content. 

Shortly, you’ll discover some new sources of free syndicated shows, bartered shows, paid shows plus free & paid music sources.

Just getting your foot in the broadcasting world?

No problem, you’ll also learn more about radio programming: 

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  • Hugues
  • Updated March 25, 2019

A Breakdown of Jobs at Radio Stations

In this post, you'll learn about different jobs at radio stations. And here is a statistic to kick us off:

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were about 52,700 announcer jobs in 2016.

With that tidbit...let's get started:

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