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Radio Domain Name: Definition & 5 Best Practices

Your radio domain name ought to be catchy, short, and brandable by making it very unique and relevant.

Domain names not only identify & help users find your radio website, but they have other uses & functions.

From selecting the domain extension (or suffix) to the best practices, here is all you need to know about radio domain names.

Let's get started.

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Starting a Campus, College, or High School Radio Online (101 Guide)

We can define a student radio simply as a radio station that's run by the students attending a learning institution.

Students contribute most of the programming, but it might also feature other members of the community.

Some college radios are run and funded by the educational institution. It is even possible to create your student radio as part of the learning curriculum.

Either way, you'll learn about the basics of starting student radio. We tackle things like: 

  • Why student radios are important.
  • Terrestrial student radios vs. online-only stations. 
  • Reasons to first start online before moving terrestrial. 
  • Summary of five steps to start a student radio.
  • Bonus section with college radio tour videos.

Awesome! Let's get started.

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Radio Playlists Tips: Create the Best Music Shows!


...where we will share secret tips to create great radio playlists. 

Anyone who ever built a playlist knows that they are tough beasties to get right. 

Some turn out to be boring. 

In radio broadcasting, play the wrong song and listeners will flee.

Flee to competing stations — in search of better music. You never want to lose ‘em listeners. Right?

So, you're going to learn:

  • What radio playlists are? (the basics)
  • Hard vs. soft rotations
  • 10 sure ways to make your playlists suck
  • 9 tips to make your playlists rock!
  • Playlist tools and generators 

It’s the most comprehensive post around. Sorry to honk our horn, but it is true.

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Radio Blog Topic Ideas: What to Write About

Got a radio blog? Smart. It's a sure way to get more eyeballs on your website.

Having a blog is the easy part. The difficult bit is finding topics to write about.

This blog post promises to give you six radio blog topic ideas. Are you already smiling? You should, your writer's block is about to be obliterated.

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