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Create an internet radio station: Why it’s the time and age

Should I create an internet radio station?

If you're asking this question, you're probably thinking of creating one, but at this initial stage, it seems like a tough task.

Well, it’s the 21st century, an electric age in radio history, where things have changed, and certainly for the better.

You don’t need thousands of dollars, transmitters and satellites, offices and workers—just to create a radio station online.

Radio has become accessible to the masses. And here are several reasons to create an internet radio station:

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Internet Radio Hosting with Auto DJ

Scouting for a stream provider that offers internet radio hosting with Auto DJ services?

CloudRadio has hosted radio stations, both big and small, for more than a decade.

We understand and solve challenges internet radio broadcasters face.

For instance, we developed a modern, simple-to-use console in response to control panels that were too complex to figure out and lacking on essential tools.

Recently, we released our cloud-based Autodj radio that can stream to unlimited simultaneous listeners. Straightaway, let’s look at the reasons why you may need this solution:

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Radio Terms (Broadcasting Glossary)

Today, get ready to pick up some new radio terms, so you can speak to other broadcasters in their native language.

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.” Nelson Mandela

Here's what I mean:

Cans to the average Joe are cylindrical metal containers, but to a radio broadcaster, they are slang for headphones. 🙂 

So without losing any precious seconds, here are 30+ radio terms to fortify your radio vocab.

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  • Winston
  • Updated February 11, 2019

9 Paid and Free Music Sources for Your Radio

Have you ever wondered where radio stations get their music? 

Or are you trying to build a large library of music to give your listeners more variety?

Some radio stations get current and new releases directly from record labels.

But if this source is not available to you, you can purchase tracks on music websites or download other tracks for free. 

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  • Winston
  • Updated February 11, 2019

10 Ways to Make Money with an Internet Radio Station

I've some exciting news for you! 

"You can make money with an online radio station—regardless of its size."

Let me explain:

As you play the latest hits, host the best interviews, you’re capturing peoples' attention. 

"How can I convert attention into money?"

That's the question to ask.

So here are 10 unique ways to monetize an internet radio station: 

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