9 Tips to Engage & Entertain Radio Listeners

Let’s see your grasp on current affairs: What’s currently happening around the world?

CORONAVIRUS. And it's making people panicky & gloomy. And it has confined them indoors.

The best stress relief medication —on most peoples’ minds— is listening to the radio (well, there is Netflix, but radio rocks more) Yeah?

If you’re noting that more people are listening to your radio, it's the best time to make a good impression and retain new listeners. 

The only way to do this is by becoming more entertaining.

Use these tips to obtain the highest listener engagement. Learn how to make shows Fun.

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Radio Domain Name: Definition & 5 Best Practices

Your radio domain name ought to be catchy, short, and brandable by making it very unique and relevant.

Domain names not only identify & help users find your radio website, but they have other uses & functions.

From selecting the domain extension (or suffix) to the best practices, here is all you need to know about radio domain names.

Let's get started.

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Chrome 80 Update: HTTP Radio Streams Fail to Load on Secure Sites

Released on February 4, 2020, Google Chrome’s latest version (v80) now blocks mixed content loaded via HTTP. It has suddenly caused audio and videos, loaded over insecure HTTP connections, to stop loading automatically on HTTPS-secured sites.

Many radio broadcasters have suddenly found that their stream players are not playing back HTTP audio streams since the browser views the connections as insecure.

Here is all you need to know about this latest turn of events and why you should not worry when broadcasting with CloudRadio.

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Starting a Campus, College, or High School Radio Online (101 Guide)

We can define a student radio simply as a radio station that's run by the students attending a learning institution.

Students contribute most of the programming, but it might also feature other members of the community.

Some college radios are run and funded by the educational institution. It is even possible to create your student radio as part of the learning curriculum.

Either way, you'll learn about the basics of starting student radio. We tackle things like: 

  • Why student radios are important.
  • Terrestrial student radios vs. online-only stations. 
  • Reasons to first start online before moving terrestrial. 
  • Summary of five steps to start a student radio.
  • Bonus section with college radio tour videos.

Awesome! Let's get started.

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How to broadcast Online Radio & Audio From Your SmartPhone

Why broadcast live audio from your smartphone? 

Maybe you run an online radio station and want to broadcast remotely to your fans. 

Some podcast owners are also interested in LIVE podcasting.

They will record the podcast in studio, at the same time broadcasting it to live audiences.

Even ordinary people have reasons to broadcast live audio from their smartphones!

And here is how to go about it:

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  • Hugues
  • Updated March 1, 2020
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