Radio Intros Guide With 7 Tips and Examples

Is your current radio or podcast intro dull and in dire need of a revamp? 

Today’s blog presents tips on how to craft ear-catching intros. You’ll learn:

  • What is a radio intro? (Chapter 1)
  • Common mistakes that can kill your intro (Chapter 2)
  • Ways to make your radio intros rock (Chapter 3)
  • Exemplary intros six examples (Chapter 4) 

Let's get started:

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Radio Station Logo: 8 Ideas & Tips

Your radio station logo is a powerful tool. It’s your visual identity. When it’s great, – it’s memorable and catchy. It’s an emblem of your station’s content, feel, and quality.

Because I’m a fan of allegories…

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Radio Voice: Hot Tips to Improve It

To kick off this blog with a bang, let’s articulate what a good presenter’s voice sounds like. 

  • Natural yet relaxed. 
  • Crisp, clear & engaging.
  • It intonates ⁠—rises and falls.
  • It might be deep, and announcer like. 
  • Dead easy to listen to and understand.
  • It draws and holds attention.

Stay tuned to find out about the number 1 way of improving your voice, and it's something you can start doing now at zero cost. Let's get started:

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Radio Website Widgets: With 11 Must-have Widgets

In today’s guide on radio website widgets, you’ll learn:

  • The role widgets play

  • Widgets every radio station website needs

  • Where to find free & paid widgets

  • How to add widgets to your website

  • And more!

Join me if you need a cool website that will foster more user engagement and satisfaction:

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Radio Station Formats

What’s the deal with radio station formats? Are they still useful or worth considering?

In today’s post, you’ll see:

  • What are radio formats?
  • A short history of radio formats.
  • Types of radio formats, target audience, music charts, and examples.

It’s an actionable guide. A super easy read. And if you’re launching any new radio station, or attempting a radio station format change — let’s dive right in.

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