Radio Station Name: 6 Easy naming techniques

Today, you’re going to learn exactly how to choose a radio station name.

And not just any name: A really good one!

Some topics covered include:

  • What is in a name

  • Where do names come from?

  • Mistakes never to make with your radio name

  • Name choosing techniques. 

It’s a very actionable guide. So if you’re looking for a really great radio name, join me:

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Write Great Radio Ads: The Ultimate Guide

Today, I'm going to show you how to write radio ads. Doesn't matter if you're an absolute beginner. Together, we'll learn:

  • The basics of radio ads and their characteristics.
  • Ad scripting techniques. 
  • How radio ads are produced.
  • Mistakes not to make in your radio ad.
  • Tips on writing great radio advertisements.
  • And more!

There is no magic spell to wish your writing troubles away. But this article comes pretty close...

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How to start a radio show

Figuring out how to start a radio show? Relax, because it is so simple!

Why do I sound so confident? Well, thousands of people have done it. And thousands more will do it.

Plus, we have some great tips in today’s blog post. But first, you must be ready to:

Put in the work. Give it your 100%.

Never quit so easily, because you’re a fighter!

And with that pep talk, let’s start:

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Radio Interview: Conduct A++ Radio/Podcast Interviews

Radio interviews are great because they birth new & original content.

Getting famous & interesting people through your doors builds up your image and authority.

And don't you love stimulating conversations?

Information is still power – the last time I checked.

So your quest to pull off perfect radio interviews is a truer as a quest can get!

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Radio station mixer: How to choose one

​Hi there –

Are you looking for a new audio mixer for your radio station/podcast/home studio?

Good job on working towards a more professional audio setup!

Buying should be fun. But it’s often not all fun & games with so many models to choose from, so many things to consider, pitfalls right and left, negative reviews…can you relate? 

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