10 of the Best Microphones for Radio

Shopping for a new mic for your studio:

But can’t decide which one to get?

Do terms like frequency response or electret—sound alien to you?

No problem...today...I’ll show you 10 of the best radio microphones for live broadcasting.

And explain some mic terminologies.

Great! Let’s go:

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  • Hugues
  • Updated November 3, 2018

6 reasons why https is so important

You and I –we're online targets. Vulnerable to hacker attacks that transpire every 39 seconds.

Frightening, right? 

Protecting yourself or your website users is critical – whether you run an e-commerce store, a banking application or a web radio station.

Good news:​

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How to start an internet radio station: The Definitive Guide

An internet radio station —also called a web radio or online radio— broadcasts audio programmes via the internet. 

Is it difficult to start?

"…Not at all."

Will it be expensive to run?


Do I need technical expertise or prior radio experience?

"Nothing that I can't teach you in this guide."

I'll also show you how to start an internet radio station from home!

Taking first things first, let’s begin with:

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Radio Broadcasting Software: The Ultimate 2018 Guide

​Are you searching for a radio broadcasting software for your web radio?

OR are you...curious about the alternatives to the radio software you're currently using?

​Stay put 🙂

We reviewed some of the best radio broadcasting software, DJ programs and encoders with free trial versions!

This means…​you can download & test the programs on this list.

That said:

Let’s get on with this –comprehensive– review!

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  • Hugues
  • Updated October 22, 2018