Radio station mixer: How to choose one

​Hi there –

Are you looking for a new audio mixer for your radio station/podcast/home studio?

Good job on working towards a more professional audio setup!

Buying should be fun. But it’s often not all fun & games with so many models to choose from, so many things to consider, pitfalls right and left, negative reviews…can you relate? 

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Future of Radio

November 2, 1920, saw the launch of the world’s first commercial station, KDKA (AM). In 1933, Edwin Howard Armstrong successfully patented FM radio, and radios began adopting FM bands from the late 50s to the 60s.

Now, it’s been a little over two decades since the advent of internet radio technologies like Icecast in 1998, allowing traditional AM and FM stations to reach audiences online.

Satellite radios also came to prominence at the turn of the 21st Century. And Norway has become the first country to shut off FM radio, in favor of digital radio.

Some feared that emergence of on-demand music streaming services, including AccuRadio, Apple Music, Spotify, and others, might shroud the radio star, but come 2019, radio is still resilient, and marching into the future.

Today, let’s examine trends that might shape the future of radio.

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How to become a radio host – a really good one

Are you destined to become a radio host? Just before you say no or yes:

Does your heart speed up when you picture yourself sitting behind a broadcasting desk with the clock counting down to your live air shift?

Are you prone to creating these elaborate playlists or mock radio programs?

Do you have an affinity for microphones – the shiny chrome plated ones – in particular?

Did the TV station tell you off, postulating that your talents would be better suited for radio?

Well, radio hosts are the coolest cats in the world. Whether you have been doing it for a while– or you’re just getting started, you’ll learn a thing or two from this post.

Let’s see what it takes to become the next Bob Grant, Brad Crandall, Ryan Seacrest, Howard Stern or any of the radio personalities you admire:

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Radio station app: Strategies to make it successful

A successful radio station application: works just fine; lacks annoying bugs; is simple to use; delivers a clear and reliable stream; has a great UI; is easy to navigate.

With an app builder—you can create a radio station app without writing a single line of code. An individual or company can also code one for you.

Regardless of the route you choose, these tips will come in handy when creating a great radio app:

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Broadcast Live Audio Online

So what are you planning to broadcast live? Concerts, speeches, podcasts, corporate events, family meetups…

It is quite easy to broadcast live audio. And you can do so, on our audio streaming service for radios.

Fear not if you’re not a radio station, we’re quite suited to handle your live broadcasting needs.

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