Radio Broadcasting Software: The Ultimate 2019 Guide

​Are you searching for a radio broadcasting software for your web radio?

OR are you...curious about the alternatives to the radio software you're currently using?

​Stay put 🙂

We reviewed some of the best radio broadcasting software, DJ programs and encoders with free trial versions!

This means…​you can download & test the programs on this list.

That said:

Let’s get on with this –comprehensive– review!

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  • Hugues
  • Updated February 19, 2019

Stream Licensing Explained (For 7 countries & continents)

When it comes to hosting an internet radio show, there are a few things you need to know regarding the music you stream.

Unlike regular terrestrial radio, you don’t need a license to broadcast an internet radio show. But, if you want to stream commercial music, then a license is required. 

You are not protected against copyright infringement if you broadcast commercial music without it. The recording artist or the record label holds the Copyright for the commercial song. 

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  • Hugues
  • Updated February 26, 2019

Should you use autoplay on your radio station player?

Your website is the FACE of your internet radio station.

Humans judge faces. Likewise, they’ll judge your station’s website considering how it looks and behaves.

Autoplay is when your radio player plays automatically without any action from the user. It can have more impact on your visitor's experience than you think.

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  • Hugues
  • Updated February 26, 2019

CloudRadio Launches New Blog & Modern Console

Today — we launch our new blog. 

Just two months ago, we modernized our console. The jump made our platform easier to use.

On the blog 

We’ll get down to the heart of internet radio broadcasting.

We’ll show you how starting a radio station can be fun, easy, and rewarding. You only need a mic, laptop, an account at CloudRadio, and creative blood in your veins.

Trust us, it's darn simple! 

We’re friendly and approachable. If you need human help, contact us for reliable advice.

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  • Hugues
  • Updated February 26, 2019
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