Top 4 audio recording programs for your radio shows

Recently—we published a guide on radio automation programs (In case you missed it).

But, there was one thing glaringly missing from the programs we reviewed.

...most lack advanced audio recording or editing features.

Today, I’ll save you the trouble of looking for one—and show you some of the best audio recording and editing programs for your radio shows/podcasts.

So, let's dive straight in:

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  • Hugues
  • Updated February 14, 2019

Your Ultimate Guide to Radio Imaging in 2019

Pop quiz. Do you want to make your radio:

a) Instantly identifiable

b) Ear-catching

c) Insanely unique

Sonic branding, radio imaging, and sound design will do the trick.

Just a minute, these sound like big hard words.

No worries though. I've explained them.

And included loads of radio imaging examples you'll love listening to...

Let’s go: 

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10 of the Best Microphones for Radio

Shopping for a new mic for your studio:

But can’t decide which one to get?

Do terms like frequency response or electret—sound alien to you?

No’ll show you 10 of the best radio microphones for live broadcasting.

And explain some mic terminologies.

Great! Let’s go:

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  • Hugues
  • Updated February 11, 2019