Network Infrastructure

We provide the best network—so you can deliver the best listening experience.


What is a CDN?

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. It is a network of geographically distributed servers. For instance, we have deployed servers in Montreal and others in Roubaix France.

The distance to the server determines how fast users can receive data. On a CDN, listeners are automatically connected to the closest location instead of the original server. 


  • Load distribution: Your radio will scale automatically to accommodate more listeners.
  • Low latency: Streams are fast with no buffering.
  • Built in redundancy: Makes the network resilient to network congestion and server outages. 

CDN Locations

Our serves are strategically located around the world. Your listeners will be connected to the closest location for a fast buffer free stream. 

Radio server locations
  • Pro plan locations. 
  • Extended network locations.

Premium Bandwidth

We use network  providers with diverse bandwidth and good peering exchange for good routing to any location world. 

Up to 320 Kbps

Stream at the best possible sound quality when you create an online radio. HD+ quality sound is available on all plans.

The time to start is today.

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