Internet Radio Station Maker

Meet our – Autodj Radio – the most intuitive internet radio station maker.

A cloud-based application that will allow you to broadcast audio -whether talk or music – on the internet.

Chill as I give you a roundup of some of its best features and reveal the flexibility it affords anyone who wants to start an internet radio station.

Let’s get started:


What is the Autodj Radio exactly?

It’s SaaS application (software as a service), that’s subscription-based and that you access with your browser. It’s in the cloud –(which means it stores and runs on a data center instead of your computer). That leads us to the question =>

What does our internet radio station maker do?

Our autodj radio makes it so easy to broadcast audio on the web, with a lot of useful features. For instance:

Media library management

It has a media library – so can upload your audio files and have them stored on the cloud.

You can also edit the metadata of your media items and even tag them.

Playing back media

For many years, internet radio stations have played music on their computer and streamed the audio to the radio server to be relayed to listeners.

The new way is letting internet radio stations create playlists and schedules from the web. This reap has brought a whole lot of advantages.

  • Flexibility – you can log on to our internet radio station maker on any computer using any web browser.
  • Mobility – with busy schedules you can always take your radio on the move.

Tradition radio server capabilities

The role of the Icecast or Shoutcast server was to take audio from source client – the user’s studio or computer – and relay it many listeners.

Our Autodj Radio has this feature built into it, with one great improvement: Support for unlimited simultaneous listeners.

How this even possible you might ask?

It’s all credits to the CDN network or content delivery network. Top companies from Facebook to Netflix use CDN networks to deliver content to user fast & efficiently. 

And does it work exactly?

It relies on a network of servers distributed around the world. For instance, servers in Canada, servers in France, servers in England…

You Autodj radio lives on one server location. But distributes its content to servers in its network.


The listener is connected to the closest server. If a listener is in France, they will be connected to the server in France. If there are in America, they will be connected to the closest location, which happens to be Canada.

Basically, the shorter the physical distance to the server, the faster the connection and the more reliable the stream.

Now here is where things get interesting:

A CDN network utilizes load distribution, which means listeners are distributed across server locations. Some of your listeners can be listening to your radio on servers in Canada, other in servers in Europe and so one.

Now, your radio can accept more and more listeners versus if it accommodated all listeners on one server where the resources could run out.

So it’s unlimited because it can scale.

Automated broadcasting 

Don’t have loads of time to focus on running a 24-hour radio station?

Say hello to the Autodj feature that ships with our internet radio station maker.

The autodj feature works on a simple premise. It selects and plays back songs from your media library independently.

You can also create playlists and schedule them So, your listeners are always entertained.

Live broadcasting

Need to go live from your home or main studio?

No problem, our internet radio station maker allows you to stream content for a source client like BUTT, Sam Broadcaster, LiveStream, among other broadcasting software.

Give us a shot

Want the best online radio broadcasting experience? Try our internet radio station maker.

You’ll not enjoy the flexibility and mobility that comes with a great SaaS product, we’ll be always there helping make your radio a success.