Free Radio Player for Your Website

A beautiful way to tune in

  • HTTPS compatible
  • Set autoplay on or off
  • Loads album art automatically
  • Customize colors
  • Shoutcast, Icecast or Steamcast
  • Works on all desktop & mobile browsers
  • Free with no catch!

Modern HTML5 player

We have offered our free radio player for several years now. And just recently revamped it to HTML5.

It now supports all the modern browsers (Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Opera) on all platforms (macOS, Windows, Android, iOS).

If you want to start using it, all you need is an existing SHOUTcast, Icecast or Steamcast radio stream. And if you don't have a stream create one on our modern console:

Radio Console Dashboard
HTTP vs HTTPS lock

Is your website https?

That's great...Our player also supports HTTPS.

Not only can Google penalize you in the search results ranking if you are not https, but Chrome now displays your site as insecure.

But what if your current streaming doesn't provide a secure stream?

We take your stream and secure it for you. But, it's more convenient to host your radio with us.

Just the way you like it...

Customize your free radio player to match your brand's style and feel. 

There is a wide selection of colors. An option upload your logo and change the size of the player.

You also preview it as your customize it.

Radio player for website

Automatic album art

Our radio player displays album art automatically. You don't have to upload any pictures.


This will really help differentiate your radio. And not only does it look great, but it also looks professional. 

If you're playing some deep dark indie song and no album art is found, it will display your station's logo.

Integrate your radio player with ready code

You don't need any programming skills to embed the player on your website. You only need access to the html code.

We give you a custom code snippet that you can copy and paste into the page. When someone visits the page, the radio player will load automatically.

You can also choose to enable or disable autoplay.


01. At the bottom right or left

This will attach your free radio player at the bottom of your website. You can either embed it on the left or right side.


02. Make it pop

Put a link anywhere on your website. Once a user clicks it, the radio player opens in a new popup window.


03. Anywhere on the page

This script will allow you to place your radio player at any specific location on the page—even at the middle.