Radio player

Tired of your old player? Get a handsome 100% HTML5 player

It's free! Even if you don't have service with us, you can use it with your existing radio.

Automatic album art

Stunning album art matching the content you are streaming really help to differentiate your radio. Not only does it looks great, but it looks professional. Playing some deep dark indie song? Not a problem, if no album art is found, we will display your logo.

Because not everyone wants to be a programmer

Customize it, no code. All it takes it's a few clicks. Change the color to match your station, upload your logo and change the size of the player.

Put it on exactly how you want it

Just copy the code we provide and paste it on your website. There is 3 ways to integrate it.


01. Stick it to the bottom

It will show your player attached to the bottom of your website on the left or right size, your choice. 


02. Make it pop

Put a link on your website anywhere and once clicked it will open your player in a popup.


03. Place it in

You can choose where to put it inside your page surrounded by your fantastic content.

Is your website https? That's good... Our player too

Not only Google penalize you in their search result if you are not https, but Chrome now displays your site as insecure. But it's all good because we can provide you with a player that is 100% https.

HTTP vs HTTPS lock

But what if my current streaming doesn't provide a secure stream?

Well, maybe one day you will switch to us, but until then, no problem. We will take your stream and secure it for you; you only need to enable the option on the player page. Oh, I almost forgot, it's free.

Ready to get started?