Powerful Statistics for Your Radio

Know how your radio is performing with our powerful stats. With live listener locations & generator for loyalty reports showing number of listens per every song.

CloudRadio statistics

Historical statistics

Total listener hours (TLH)

How many hours were spent listening to your radio stream? Get a month to month summary of TLHs.

Listeners for the last hour

At which hour did your radio have the most listeners? With our hourly listener stats you'll stay informed.

Listeners for last 24 hours

Need more insight? Try our stats for listeners for the last 24 hours, 30 days and year.

World Map

The world map shows a live map of current listeners, their user agents, and country based on their IP. 


Current Listeners

We offer an intuitive way to see everyone who is listening to your radio at any given time.

  • The stats engine identifies listeners with their IP. 
  • Stats are saved and become historical stats.
  • See the number of listeners per song.