Launch an online radio on our intuitive platform.

How It Works - Autodj Radio


Open an account with your email. And upload music or pre-recorded shows. 

Create playlists

 Make & schedule playlists from the cloud or stream from an external source. 

Go live

Embed our stream player on your website and broadcast to unlimited listeners!

Stable network, deploy globally

Offer a fast & buffer-free stream. Our Autodj Radio runs on a CDN network with servers strategically distributed around the world in sites like Salt Lake City, Montreal, Roubaix, Sydney among other locations. 

Server locations CloudRadio

Is my radio on-air? 

Don't pay a dime. We monitor your radio stream and alert you by email. Get free stream monitoring.  

Radio Monitoring Cellphone

Sleek & Beautiful 

Sleek, beautiful, and compatible on all devices --Your listeners will love our stream player! It's also HTTPS enabled. You don't need an account with us. Get it for your website for free. 

Let's make your radio the best!

It's easy to start an internet radio station. Our whole team will work hard for your success.

Thousands of radios and counting

All Brass Radio is now the world’s largest brass band internet radio station and we can count on the outstanding service from Services CloudRadio.

Dr. Jim Fox

At Services CloudRadio, we have always enjoyed buffer free servers with excellent customer services at a very reasonable price.

Richard James , Atlantic 252, UK