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Shoutcast, Steamcast & Icecast servers. Low Fees. From $2/month

  • Up to 320 Kbps 
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Html5 player


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Hundreds of Radios and Counting

At Services CloudRadio, we have always enjoyed buffer free servers with excellent customer services at a very reasonable price.

Richard James , Atlantic 252, UK

All Brass Radio is now the world’s largest brass band internet radio station and we can count on the outstanding service from Services CloudRadio.

Dr. Jim Fox


Run your station online. Unlimited storage. Affordable Plan.


Upload music or pre-recorded shows. 10GB Free space included on Pro plan. 

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 Create & schedule playlists. OR stream live from your encoder/radio software.

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Embed our stream player on your website and broadcast to unlimited listeners!

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Sleek, beautiful, and compatible on all devices --Your listeners will love our stream player! It's also HTTPS enabled. You only need an existing radio server. 

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