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RadioGPT: What is it and consequences for radio hosts

There is a lot of talk about AI. Good things have been said, and the fear that AI is out to replace every job still continues to rage on. Being informed about AI matters, so you can know its limits, its usefulness, and its capabilities.

9 Dos and Donts of an Internet Radio Presenter

Do you broadcast shows over the internet? Kudos you are a full-fledged internet radio presenter. So you may be doubling in any format. Perhaps your shows are more music-oriented

Radio Tips

8 Things You Need to Stream Live Video Shows on Facebook or YouTube

You’ve been thinking of hosting a live show on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook for a while. Well, in case you have any doubts about its viability, just know that it’s a great idea. But already you can feel that it’s going to be too daunting or expensive.


How Much Money Do Radio Hosts Make?

Radio hosts play a vital role in the broadcasting industry. They are the station's voice and personality and often the brand's face. As such, they are responsible for engaging and entertaining listeners and promoting the station and its sponsors.