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How Do I Get Feedback For My Radio or Podcast? 6 Tips To Try

Constructive feedback can help overcome the “overconfidence bias” that you’re doing just fine, if not phenomenal, and that everyone loves what you do. You may quickly discover that there are many aspects of the show you may be overlooking. Correcting them can get you more listeners and dynamically improve your content.


Morning BreakFast Show: Ideas for a Powerful Show

The morning. It’s when folks tune to the radio to get an early start to their day since the 50s or 60s. Many will be commuting to work, and what better way to pass the lost time in traffic than listening to their fav personalities.

Radio Tips

Radio/Audio Drama Ideas - With Examples and Resources

This guide covers essential topics a beginner should know. We’ll cover: ● What is a radio drama? ● Which unique features and characteristics does it have? ● Past and future of radio dramas ● Tips on writing a radio/audio drama script ● Producing a radio drama ● 10 ideas for audio and radio dramas with examples

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