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Radio Show Opening Lines - The First Words to Say

Struggling to find the best opening lines to say during the start of your podcast or radio show! We know the feeling, where nothing you try to say seems right. And it’s very important to say the right thing to keep the listener hooked! So, today, we’re presenting tips & examples of the best opening lines.


Radio Game Ideas: 20 Games to Play On-air

Are you looking for radio game ideas? We've gathered a list of 21 exciting radio games. They use the games to keep their listeners entertained. Now —don't just grab these ideas off-the-rack.

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Top Radio Conferences and Industry Events in 2021

You’re often encouraged to have a firm footing in the industry by attending events and conferences so you can expand your radio knowledge. Conferences also provide networking opportunities

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Radio Show Notes For Broadcasters

Today’s blog introduces show notes to broadcasters, and we will cover: What are show notes; Examples of show notes; Tips for writing the best show notes for your radio show;


The Best Computer To Use For Broadcasting and Podcasting

Choose a fast computer capable of running your internet broadcasting software and handling resource-intensive programs like a digital audio workstation. The bare system requirements for a decent computer are 8GB RAM

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