Want to give your audience a hearty laugh? You can crack their ribs by adding funny segments in the broadcast.

Wait…! I’m not funny.

Well, that’s something you can work on. Here are ways to make your radio or podcast show funnier with examples of course!

Tip 1: Make them laugh from the show’s intro

We love how the hosts of SmartLess make their shows' intros funny. Like clockwork, Jason Bateman ends up messing the intro every time. He’s either talking too fast, and Sean and Will end up correcting him. A recent episode, featuring Stephen Colbert begins, “I’m so glad the other two couldn’t make it today.”

Check out their funny intros here:

Some episodes to consider:

● David Sinclair - 22 Feb 2021

● Stephen Colbert - 30 March 2021

Tip 2: Banter between the show hosts or guests

Want to make shows funnier with a co-host? Well, try your hand at banter. So, what’s it?

Banter as defined by the dictionary means: “The playful and friendly exchange of teasing remarks.”

You need to banter correctly without coming across as rude or dismissive. Here are some tips to follow:

● The tone should be playful and light, nothing serious;

● Banter should not offer deep criticism that comes off as confrontation;

● It should not touch on sensitive stereotypes or controversies;

● Don’t target people's deep insecurities;

● Be ready to offer an apology;

● Banter should also be with a close friend.

What are some great examples of show banter? Radio 1 has these insanely popular bits, code-named Playground Insults. Popular segments feature banter between famous guests:

(Warning strong language)

Tip 3: Prank calls

The glorious prank calls grace morning shows. You can always add them to make your shows funnier.

But remember, prank calls should be done with care, and after extensive consultations to ensure that prank is harmless. There have been pranks that resulted in serious consequences. The most famous example is “The Royal Prank” which supposedly resulted in the suicide of Jacintha Saldanha, a nurse at King Edward VII’s Hospital.

Here are is the link, in case you want to hear it (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZFCi6MeL2Y)

Looking for radio shows with the best pranks? We got your back!

Check out The Rickey Smiley Show. In the Who’s Your Pastor Prank, he calls a chicken take-out joint and asks for the pastor’s name. When the responder responds, “This is a chicken place,” he asks “don’t the chicken belong to the church.” There are more creative pranks that will make you laugh from the Ricky Smiley Show.

Tip 4: Do fun & goofy things

There are tons of fun and goofy things that you can do to make your shows funnier. On KIIS 101.1, Jase & PJ decided to hit the road but not in the studio's car. They took a camel instead.

They had tree branches in their mouths. Lol!

Tip 5: Play funny games on studio

In the glorious and germ-free days before Covid-19, Radio 1 had guests play the Innuendo Bingo. The funny radio feature entailed: Two guests or presenters taking gulps of water until they filled up their mouths. They would sit facing each other, and Scott - the show’s host - would play funny innuendos that sound like offensive humor from TV or radio shows. Basically, one person would burst out laughing spraying the other person with mouth water. Many famous guests have had a shot at this game. The listeners contribute to the segments too. Here is an example:

Tip 6: Round up on funniest stories

Want to make your radio or podcast funnier? There is a straightforward way. Just feature a compilation of the funniest new stories for the week. This can be a segment that you do on a specific day of the week, for instance, for the Friday Morning show. That gives you enough time to compile the best bits.

Tip 7: Unnecessary censorship

This is a funny segment from the Late Night Show by Jimmy Kimmel Live. It’s comedy gold and a simple concept to pull off. Basically, the show takes ordinary sentences and bleeps out certain words. That leaves you with offensive-sounding phrases that are totally normal. Here is an example:

Tip 8: 15 seconds of fame with a twist!

Instead of fans singing for their 15 seconds of fame, you could ask them to do 15 seconds of standup. You can then add this funny segment as part of your shows. It can be a running feature with the funniest bits earning prizes.

Tip 9: Share Your Funny Stories

You could also include a segment where listeners share their embarrassing and funny stories.

Tip 10: Truth or dare

What about a nice cordial game of truth and dare with your fellow co-workers or studio guests. Well, many radio stations have used this time-tested party game to make their shows a little bit funnier. Little Mix played Truth and Dare on Scott Mills.

Tip 11: Easy questions, dumb answers

For instance:

You’re running in a race, and you pass the person in the second position. What position are you in?

Well, many people say "First."

Easy questions, dumb answers is a funny radio talk segment that you can easily incorporate into a show. Most of the interviews take place on the street.

Here are examples:

Jay Leno's Science quiz

Common sense quiz

Tip 12: Impersonations/Impressions

Impersonations are always funny. You can try your luck with celebrities or politicians like this Culshaw: The King of Impressions on Radio X.

Bottom Line

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