Wouldn’t it be great to tap into an enormous new audience for your brand-new or existing radio show? It takes plenty of groundwork and patience to create and successfully market a radio show. But did you know using radio show flyers is also worthwhile?

Yes, this old-fashioned marketing technique is still effective, with 90% of marketing campaigns that use this strategy registering an influx of new customers. Ready to learn more about radio show flyers and boost your brand awareness efforts? Here we go!

Best Practices When Designing a Flyer

You’ve probably received one or two flyers recently. So you know exactly what they are. But did you know that 89% of customers remember receiving a flyer by hand than any other form of advertising? In other words, we’re presenting you with a chance to directly connect with potential listeners and even go a step further to make a permanent impression.

But before you get too excited and choose one of our top recommendations for creating your next radio show flyer, here are some best design practices to keep in mind:

  • Use bold and eye-catching colors.
  • Ensure your fonts are easy to read. Maintain a maximum of two different fonts on the flyer.
  • Focus on one key message and clarify what action you expect from your target audience. Ideally, your key message and the call to action should be easy-to-understand, in bold text, and enticing.
  • Only use high-quality images whose design doesn’t make the flyer seem cluttered.
  • Consider different flyer designs and orientations. While some audiences may prefer standard or half-sheet flyers, others may prefer a large flyer format or even a fold finish as it makes them stand out and provides a better information flow.
  • Use templates to help you save your time, hard-earned cash, and efforts. Flyer templates also ensure that all vital design elements are present, creating a complete slam-dunk situation with your flyer campaign. But where can you find these templates?

10 Resources & Templates to Use

So, here we have it. We’ve rounded up 10 top resources for making your radio show flyer. And we’ve also included examples of templates you can use. Without much say, let’s get rolling:

1. Canva

Canva features a whole boatload of design tools, including an intuitive interface and a drag-and-drop editor. From pre-designed templates to AI tools to exclusive elements that include royalty-free video, graphics, and photos, you have everything you need here to create a customized flyer effortlessly.

Yes, the variety at Canva is limitless. But here are a few recommendations that have caught our eye recently. The White Purple Modern Live Music Facebook Post template is perfect for a chill yet attention-grabbing vibe. The Black & Red Modern Radio Talk Show Flyer and the Yellow & Black Illustrated Radio Talk Show Twitter Post are good options for a modern, trend-oriented audience.

2. Adobe Express

If you’re a beginner in this flyer design ecosystem, we recommend using Adobe Express. Not only is it incredibly simple to use but it also boasts a wide selection of high-quality Adobe Stock images and more design capabilities thanks to Adobe Creative Cloud.

The best part is that there’s an AI image generator, Adobe Sensei, that makes designing a radio show flyer ten times easier and faster. Take a look at the vast options you have at your fingertips at Adobe Express.

3. MyCreativeShop

If you want anything flyer-related, MyCreativeShop probably has what you need. It features over 4,000 flyer templates, each with its own unique and customizable approach. Although we didn’t find any radio or podcast templates, you can easily fine-tune various flyer templates like the Stunning Music Concert Flyer Template or the Cowboy Kicks Country Music Flyer Template. But make sure to implement the design practices described above.

4. VistaCreate

Previously known as Crello, VistaCreate is a versatile design site that allows its users to easily create an attractive flyer within a few minutes. The template variety is top-notch, and the user interface is pretty straightforward. In fact, using this platform gives you access to more than 70 million royalty-free creative elements, including photos, vectors, and videos. Examples of radio show flyer templates on this platform include this customizable YouTube thumbnail or this Instagram Post template.

5. Stencil

Another first-class resource for creating a radio show flyer is Stencil or StencilApp. You’ll have access to 1.5 million royalty-free photos and hundreds more added each week. The platform also features over 2,000 Google fonts, 600+ templates, and 100,000+ catchy quotes to attract your potential listeners. Top examples here include Podcast 101 for that classic vibe or The Kindness Talk- Watch Live Every Tuesday template for a warmer and interactive vibe.

6. PosterMyWall

PosterMyWall is the go-to resource for all things beautiful when it comes to marketing designs. Here, you’ll find over 2k templates, not counting the paid ones. Although these templates are more tailored for social media, you only need to pay a small fee to print and hand them out to potential listeners. Our all-time faves from this platform include this classic template design or this other trendy template.

7. Visme

If you’re more into a simple and minimalistic design, Visme may be up to your speed. Not only will you find tons of varied graphic design assets, but you’ll also have a chance to share your work with others via the LinkShare feature freely. Test this resource using the free plan, as you’ll have access to most of the platform’s features. Top radio show templates at Visme include the Self Growth Podcast - LinkedIn Post template and the Podcast Press Kit for a more simple yet colorful demeanor .

8. DesignCap

DesignCap is the most affordable option on this list. While there’s a free package, the Plus plan is available for $5.99/month with up to 1000 saved designs and 1000 image uploads. The best part is that this platform features millions of templates, even more high-resolution stock photos, a simple editing tool, and tons of useful design elements. Take its Music Band Performance Poster, for example. It has all the correct elements, including a bold key message and adequate space for placing your call to action to make a brilliant radio show poster. Another fantastic template idea is the Magician Music poster.

9. Affinity Designer

Most of the options here are beginner-friendly. But if you have design skills and aren’t afraid to use them, you may prefer Affinity Designer. Not to say that the beginner-friendly options are not good enough, but there’s something about using a tool that considers your design qualifications. From its real-time graphics design tool to its detailed vector and raster tools to its easy-to-use adjustment layers, there’s plenty to play with at Affinity. So, if you want your own custom radio show flyer and have some design skills, this software is for you.

10. Wepik

As for our top AI flyer generator pick, we choose Wepik, an online editing software with customizable and downloadable templates. Here, you’ll find tens of thousands of radio show flyer templates, a simple editing tool that comes with a background remover, as well as an organizer that allows you to schedule when to post your flyer designs on social media. Examples of radio show flyer templates on this platform include the Modern Gradient DJ Beat Flyer Template and the Abstract Hand-Drawn Talk Show Podcast Cover Template.