Today, we're taking a look at some of the best courses for internet radio owners. And because most of us also produce podcasts, we will take a look at podcast courses. Both formats deal with audio, and there are many things to learn from related courses.

The importance of taking a course cannot be overstated! You get to learn new ways of becoming a better presenter.

Courses may teach how to create entertaining and appealing programming. You may learn ways to gain more listeners and become a well-rounded professional.

So let's get started by looking at the top contenders:

1) Academy of radio and television broadcasting

Taught by Los Angeles online air personalities, the 30-week online radio broadcasting program promises to equip learners with skills in a wide range of radio broadcasting fields, including:

● Programming

● Podcasting

● Internet Radio

● Voiceovers

● News journalism

● And more.

We like that it’s highly detailed, and the original course is taught in-person at the Huntington Beach, California campus. Online students get a virtual radio studio where they can acquire hands-on skills. They offer live lessons with one-on-one coaching along with weekly voice coaching sessions. Graduates have found work at some of LA’s top radio stations. Learn more about it:

2) Point Blank Music School - Professional Radio Diploma

It's taught at the Point Blank London campus, and the school has been offering weekly interactive lectures throughout the COVID-19 pandemic that affected in-person classes. They have various choices regarding radio courses, including the 9-month professional radio diploma, 3 -month professional course, and the Radio Summer School. The school's credibility stems from its expert lecturers, and they have graduates who are now working roles at top stations.

Where to learn more about it:

3) Beonair

Beonair is a media school with campuses in Ohio, Florida, Illinois, and Miami. Its courses span various categories including radio and TV broadcasting, audio production, sports broadcasting, media sales, and marketing film, video production, and Hispanic media production.

We like that they provide a quiz to help students figure out if they want a career in broadcast media. The 8-month radio broadcasting program also includes hands-on training and workplace experience at partnered stations. Where to request more info:


4) I Will Teach You To Be A Radio/TV Person to Be an Online Star - Stan Hustad

Presented by Stan Hustad, over 1424 students have enrolled in this Udemy Course. It has had an average rating of 4.4 out of 5. Stan teaches ways to make internet broadcasting more effective using broadcast principles. It consists of 9 sessions running for a total of 90 minutes. Students acquire skills to think like broadcasters and this can improve their YouTube videos as well. Stan has published 24 courses with over 23,000 students. Preview the course here:

5) Media Training-Radio: How to Speak Effectively on the Radio (Preparation for radio interviews)

The course is targeted at people making appearances on the radio, so it may not be suitable for presenters. It's far the most popular radio interview course on Udemy and the most highly rated. The price may be more than you typically pay for similar courses, but we like that it’s regularly updated.

6) How to produce a professional radio show with Ableton Live

The course aims to help students learn how to produce their radio show clock. They will learn how to record professional voiceovers and know what's required to produce a successful show. The presenter also covers the top mistakes that radio DJs are currently making. Top Ten, the instructor, has worked in the radio for the last 15 years as a program director. The description also states that the course will be suitable for radio hosts, producers, and production companies. Preview the course here:

7) Accelerated Broadcast Club Curriculum - Broadcasting Course - Free

The free course will teach you the basics of live streaming a morning announcements show to video production. It has had over 2500 students and runs for approximately three hours. It was created by Paul Richards, who has published other courses on live streaming, including Learn Open Broadcast Software. Check out the course here:

Podcast Courses

8) Professional Podcast Production, Editing, and Blueprint

Created by Ian Robertson, the course teaches students all about podcast production with advice that also applies to internet broadcasting. He covers how to set up an inexpensive broadcast studio, recording interviews using Skype, engineering raw recordings using Audacity, building podcast websites, and submitting finished podcasts to the major platforms. It comes at an affordable price, and over 5500 students have already enrolled.

9) 1 + 1: How to start a podcast the simple way

It’s another course that will teach you the complete process of starting, publishing, and growing a podcast. Eli Natoli and Larry Roberts created this course focusing on podcast recording, editing, equipment, publishing, and monetizing. We like that it also includes downloadable templates that can be used for guest outreach and sponsor pitches. Where to see it:

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