Radio hosting at scale

Using our new and cutting-edge platform, you can start a new radio stream, scale up for a big event, and scale back down afterward, paying by the minute!

  • SHOUTcast Hosting
  • Multiple Datacenters Location
  • One Click Migration
  • Unlimited Premium Bandwidth
  • Icecast Hosting
  • Up to 320kbps
  • Amazing Support
  • Predictable Pricing
  • Steamcast Hosting
  • HTML5 Player
  • Embedable Tools
  • Statistics

Broadcast online the smartest and easiest way! You can build your own radio stream – it has never been this easy before!

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Deploy in Seconds

Using our platform, you can create your radio stream in just a few seconds and go online in just a few minutes.

Predictable billing icon

Predictable Billing

Forget about over-complicated, stressful billing. Your radio stream is billed up to the minute per the monthly cap, and you only pay for whatever it is that you need.

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Resize Your Radio

Special event? Scaling up is simple! You can quickly increase or decrease the number of slots that you need according to your current demands.

Our Console

Our CloudRadio console is user-friendly, so setting up your radio stream is a straightforward process. Even if you have no active service with us, you can use the free HTML5 player anytime!

Radio Management

Create your new radio stream in just a few seconds with our simple, direct console.

Steamcast, Icecast, or SHOUTcast hosting: you are in charge, and each option is just a click away.

From 10 to 1,000 simultaneous listeners, the capacity is your decision as well.

CloudRadio dashboard


If your stream ever goes down, we can alert you by e-mail, monitoring your radio stream constantly and checking for dead air / no sound.

Even if your radio is not hosted by us, you can use our monitoring service free of charge with your existing provider.

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Monitoring notification

HTML5 player

Our player is engineered for customization. Just integrate our player into your website with a simple code that we provide. We also support HTTPS (SSL).

Our player is available for radio not hosted by us, free of charge.

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HTML5 radio player


Keep track of the TLH (Total Listening Hours) and the number of listeners at all time to see in real time just how much your radio stream is growing.

Even if your radio stream is not hosted by us, we offer a limited, 30-day history of your statistics.

CloudRadio Statistics dashboard

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Global Network

Services CloudRadio offers a low latency worldwide network so that you can deploy your radio in proximity to your customer base, migrating easily to a different location anytime you need.

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