Internet Radio Hosting

We help radio stations broadcast online with powerful tools like the HTML5 radio player, listener statistics, radio monitoring & silence detection, Auto DJ, all in a simple-to-use modern radio hosting console. Create an account and get on-air in mere minutes.


SHOUTcast, Steamcast or Icecast radio hosting 

Some vendors will lock you in with their proprietary streaming technology. We strongly believe that you should choose the technology.

We offer Icecast, Steamcast & SHOUTcast internet radio hosting. 

Simple-to-use modern console

As a radio station owner, you need more time to curate the best music, set up rotations, and come up with compelling shows.

Our console is built on simplicity. You'll find it easy to learn and operate. You'll spend less time seeking support, and more time broadcasting.


Internet radio hosting Radio Console Dashboard

Advanced statistics

Gain insight into your radio's audience thanks to the detailed statistics our console provides. You'll see live listeners in a world map along with their cities.

We also use graphical charts to present statistics such as the Total Listening Hours, Listeners for the past hour, 24 hours, 30 days and last year.

Radio statistics

Widget to display info

Use the widget to display your radio's stream info on your website. You can show current song, stream title, bitrate, current listeners, maximum listeners, recent tracks and more.

You don't need any programming knowledge to use it. You only need access to the website's HTML code. And we provide copy buttons to save you time.


HTTPS enabled player

We offer a beautiful HTML5 player that you can easily customize to match your radio's style. You can embed it on your radio website in three ways.

It displays the album art of the playing song automatically. This will make your radio look very professional.

Monitoring & silence detection

We monitor the status of your radio stream and alert you by email if your stream is down, if no audio is coming from your studio, or if there is no source connected.

Timely alerts will help to identify & rectify the problem quickly so you can keep your listeners satisfied.

Radio Monitoring Cellphone

Start your internet radio the smartest and easiest way!

Are you creating a web station for the first time? Benefit from the flexibility our internet radio hosting platform offers.

Deploy in seconds

You can create your radio stream in just a few seconds and go online in a few minutes. You can also create and destroy additional radios during special events.

Predictable billing

Forget about over-complicated, stressful billing. We don't have fixed plans. You only pay per the number of listeners on your radio. 

Resize your radio

Special event? Scaling up is simple! You can quickly increase or decrease the number of slots you need according to your current demands.

A Flexible Plan

10-1000 listeners

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    Unlimited premium bandwidth
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    Up to 320kbps
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    SHOUTcast directory
  • Amazing support
  • Unlimited mount points

Global Network

We offer a low latency worldwide network with servers in multiple locations. That means you can deploy your radio in proximity to your customer base for a fast, buffer-free stream. You can migrate easily to a different server location anytime.

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