So what is a talk show? Talk shows are all about conversations and discussions. You can have a guest over to discuss their work, personal lives, projects and more!

Talk shows may also feature a regular panel (a group of people) discussing a hot topic be it business, science, entertainment, news, etc.

To sum it up, talk shows are all about people having conversations. You’ll always need a topic, subject or theme. And here are some talk show topics for your next radio show:

1. Food

It’s teeming with exciting topics. You can talk about wine, baking, brewing, dining out, recipes, etc.

Here are some food talk show topics I found floating in my mind:

  • Strangest breakfasts
  • The most bitter foods in the world
  • Foods that can kill you
  • Meals that made it to the Guinness Book of World Records
  • What the Queen eats for Breakfast
  • Foods that were popular in the 12th, 13th, 14th centuries
  • What Bill Gates eats for Breakfast
  • Staple meals in each country
  • And so on.

2. Beauty & Fashion

If you know your way around hair, skin, and outfits, you can have an easy time in this category.

3. Literature & Art

Literature has to do with books and writings. And art has to do with any creative activities such as painting, dancing, etc.

For instance, if most of your listeners are young people, you can do a show about books they should read before they hit 30. And here are more talk show ideas:

  • The story behind the most expensive painting in the world
  • The master painters of history
  • How to write a poem
  • Buildings that are pieces of art
  • Can art make you smarter?
  • Who is a starving artist?
  • Do you own a painting? Call in and tell us about it.
  • The best fiction and nonfiction books
  • And so on.

4. Business talk show topics

It’s an expansive field with numerous talk show topics. You can talk about the latest business news, talk about top companies, the state of the economy or investing. You can also talk about careers, money matters, and shopping. Specific talk show titles could include:

  • Do female products cost more than male products?
  • The biggest mall in the world
  • The most expensive brands in each product category
  • The story of Ketchup, The story of Heinz, The story of Nike
  • What are stock options?
  • And so on.

5. Educative talk show topics

Everyone has had an education be it formal or informal. It’s part of the human experience and a source of informative talk show topics.

You can cover talk show topics that teach listeners something new including:

  • New words, vocabularies or facts you should know today
  • Common household items you have been using the wrong way
  • How-tos for instance How to deal with rejection
  • Learn Spanish or other foreign languages

6. Hobbies

From cars to gardening to video games, there are many potential subjects you can talk about in this field.

If you have a guest over, you may even ask about their hobbies. Do they read, ski, fence or fly? More talk show ideas could include:

  • Gardening tips
  • Car talk
  • Interesting, strange, dangerous, or expensive hobbies
  • And so on

7. Health

Many people want good health at all times. You can have an open door kind of interview show, where you invite an expert (personal trainer, doctor, nutritionist) to your studio.

Listeners can then call in or send their questions for expert answers. Other talk show topics revolving around health can include:

  • Mental health
  • Self-help such as how to minimize anxiety
  • Medication
  • Well-being and happiness
  • Meditation
  • Fitness, for instance, Best ways to lose weight, etc
  • Sexuality
  • Diets
  • And so forth.

8. Family, Marriage & Kids

Family is a good source of many talk show topic ideas. Here are some few suggestions, but you’ll find it easy to add many more to this list:

  • How to be to a better spouse
  • Thoughtful gifts for every family member during Christmas
  • When to have kids
  • Different ways kids change your life
  • Steps to a better marriage
  • And more.

9. Music

If your radio plays music, you can think of talk show topics revolving around the music industry including the stories behind artists, songs, lyrics and more!

10. News & Politics

Most of the talk show topics will be defined by current affairs. You could talk about the government, local or national, politicians, policies, viral items, etc.

11. Science & Medicine

In this realm, you can explore topics to do with psychology, diseases, space, biology, physics, chemistry, etc.

12. Society & Culture

Some of the topics could revolve around history, crime, conspiracy theories, locations, and travel.

13. Sports

You could discuss sports teams, team lineups, and sports personalities. Your topics could be of both professional and amateur sports.

14. Technology

Tech is at the center of our daily lives, and there are a lot of topics you could explore in this field.

You can talk about the best apps, devices such as smart speakers, new technologies, artificial, online security and more.

Added tips on how to generate talk show topics

As we draw this article to a close, here some strategies you can employ to ensure you have a list of talk show topics on hand:

1. Research

Read magazines, books, and blogs. Learn as much as possible about different subjects.

Your mind will become an enriched garden where ideas sprout spontaneously.

2. People as sources of ideas

As the truism goes, two minds are better than one. So ask questions to those in your close circle; friends, co-workers, and family.

If you have a guest, ask them to recommend a list of possible people who they think might be a good fit for your station.

3. Think about the problems your listeners experience.

What makes them angry? What frustrates them every day? Where do they want to see change? Ask these questions, and you’ll never be short of ideas.

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