Radio stations should create catchy taglines that listeners can't get out of their heads. Or wait, should they be creating slogans. What's the difference between radio slogans and taglines?

Today we're taking a look at slogans and taglines for radio stations.

You’ll see examples of some top taglines from famous radio stations, as well as ideas that can help you come up with unique slogans.

Let's get started:

What Is The Difference Between A Slogan And Tagline?

A tagline is a catchphrase or slogan that tends to be associated with a brand for a long time. The logo may include the company’s tagline.

On the other hand, slogans are short and memorable phrases used with individual products or advertising campaigns.

In the context of radio, people use the two terms interchangeably. So when we say radio station taglines or radio station slogans, it's all the same thing:

Radio Station Slogan Definition: “A short, memorable catchphrase that you can include in your imaging and branding to make yourself more memorable to your listeners.”

Why should you have radio station slogans?

A slogan allows you to call attention to your unique benefit. For instance, 95.8 Capital FM bills itself as “London’s No.1 Hit Music Station.” They even display their unique tagline on their logo.

The tagline conveys a unique benefit the person will get by listening to your radio station. It may even boost your audience’s affinity to your programming.

Example of Radio Station Slogans from Real Stations

Here are some of the best slogans and taglines from radio stations around the world:

“We play what we like and nothing else”

- BBC 6 Music

“1 Hear. 2 Feel. 3 FM.”

- Radio 3FM, Netherlands

'The color of music”

- Indigo 91.9 FM, India

“Maximum Music Maximum Choice”

- Radio One, India

"The International Stereo Sound of New York”

- WTFM, New York

“The Beat of New York”

- WKTU (103.5 FM), New York

“On the BBC Sounds app, on your smart speaker, and on 88–91 FM"

- BBC Radio 2, UK

“We've got the nation talking”

- RTÉ Radio 1, Ireland

“Los Angeles' #1 Hit Music Station”


“Washington's Top News”


“What Real Sport Sounds Like”

- talkSPORT, UK

“We Do This For The Culture”

- BBC Radio 1Xtra, UK

"Because it matters what you listen to"

- WAAJ (89.7 FM), Benton, Kentucky

“The Station That Sounds Like Portland”

- Live 95.5, Portland, Oregon

Tips To Create The Best Radio Station Slogans

Do you want to come up with a great slogan?

Well, you never know that you have found the best slogan until you find it.

Try brainstorming with a couple of your friends or colleagues. You can also conduct in-depth research into how other stations in your niche are positioning themselves.

Here are more tips that will help make your radio station slogans great:

1) Your Tagline Should Convey a Unique Benefit

Which benefit does your radio station provide to the listener? Do you play the latest hits? Does your station feature more music and less talk? Your tagline should essentially tell your audience what benefit they get by giving their time to listen to your programming.

2) It should be practical

With radio station slogans, it's quite easy to exaggerate your unique value proposition. For instance, you may state that you play hits all day, but in reality, most of your programming is talk-based.

You may create confusion with your audience, who may be less interested in what you are offering. And you’ll not attract the listeners that you really want.

3) Make it simple and catchy

Your radio slogan should be short, memorable, and clear. It must have a ring to it. You may also make it playful and funny. The goal is to make it memorable enough so that listeners can always think of your station.

4) It should be original

Don't use generic and overused taglines. It may become harder to differentiate your station from competitors. A unique and original tagline can help you stand out.

What are some creative ideas for radio station slogans?

Are you looking for radio station slogan ideas? You can consider some of the following suggestions.

Disclaimer: While we have taken the time to coin these unique slogans, we cannot guarantee their uniqueness. Please tweak them to make them original for your station.

Funny Station Taglines ideas

● Playing What Our DJ Likes

● Playing Confession Sunday Music

● We Wanted To Fly. Glad We Made It To The Airwaves

● Playing Tomorrow's Music Today

● When Life Gave Us Lemons. We Made Music

● All The Girls Listen To Us

● Driving You Nuts

● Hits That Don’t Hurt

● They Bore You. We Rock You

Radio Station Slogan Ideas for Hit Radio Stations

● Smoothest Hits All Day Long

● New Music Straight To Your Speakers

● Rocking You With New Music

● {City}’s Top Hits Radio Station

● New Hits From Your Favorite Artists

● Your Home For New Music

● Your Hits Radio Station

● Selection of the Top Hits

● DJs That Play Your Song

Radio Station Slogan Ideas for College Radio Stations

● {Station Name} The Buzz

● {Station Name} Great Place To Be

● Informative and Entertaining Programming

● {Station Name} An Oasis for Quality Entertainment

● {Station Name} Music & News You Trust

● {Station Name} We are Good for You

● Spreading Love and Goodwill

Radio Station Slogan Ideas for Classic & Oldies Radio Stations

● Classic Music Made For You

● Oldies, and Nothing Else

● {City}’s Classic Station

● Music From Yesteryears

● Nostalgia Reloaded

● The Classical Sound of {City’s name}

● Playing Real Music You Never Hear Anymore

● They call it old music. We play forever hits

● Your Soul. Your Hits

● Number One Source of Classic Hits

● Music From Golden Years

Generic radio station slogan ideas for all genres

● On the Airwaves, 24/7

● Playing Feel Good Music

● Let the Music Go On

● Your Number One Choice On the Dail

● Unspoiled Genuine Music

● The Best Way To Start Your Day

● Your Daily Companion

● More Variety Than All Stations Combined

● Made {City’s Name} With Love

● Hits The Way You Like Them

● No.1 for {Station’s genre}

● Keep Listening. More Hits Coming Your Way

● {Music genre} Exclusively on {Station’s Name}

Bottom Line

The goal of having a radio station slogan is to create a more cohesive brand that listeners can connect with. Now, many stations include the tagline in their liners and sweepers. Go the extra mile, and add the slogan to your website or logo. The more listeners interact with it, the more it becomes meaningful for them.