Auto DJ

Upload songs, create playlists and schedule with our web-based Auto DJ for internet radios. All you need is a Shoutcast, Icecast or Steamcast server.

Upload music effortlessly

You can upload music files in two ways. Drag and drop. Or add files from your Finder on Mac or Files Explorer on Windows. You will see a nice progress bar as each file uploads.

A faster way to create playlists

Save time with a quick way to create playlists. Search music files and simply click to add them to your playlist. Drag to rearrange items. And remove multiple songs with ease.

Schedule playlists to the specific day, week or month

 Easily schedule your playlists in a calendar that has a  month, week and day view. By selecting items in the calendar, you can quickly edit or delete them.

Connect your main stream and dj stream

Our auto dj can accept two inputs (Main input & DJ input). This allows you to broadcast live from your studio via the autodj to your radio server. DJs can also take over the stream with the DJ input. 

Input settings autodj

Broadcast to more than one radio server

You may need two outputs, one with a lower bitrate for listeners on devices with limited plans. On our autodj, you can create unlimited  outputs, and set the bitrate & audio codec. 

Creating multiple outputs cloudradio

Affordable Pricing

Auto DJ


per month

10 GB free storage space

One encoder/output

AutoDJ addons

Ready to get started?

Switch to our auto dj. And keep your radio station on 24/7.