Are you searching for radio hosting with unlimited bandwidth? Or a plan with unlimited data usage?

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Knowing how radio hosting companies allocate bandwidth helps you select the best streaming host.

It will be us you select, partly, because we offer unlimited bandwidth. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. * Some of the interesting things you’ll learn in this article, include:

  • What does radio hosting with unlimited bandwidth mean?
  • What is premium bandwidth and why is it important?
  • How do other radio hosting services compare to CloudRadio.
  • And more

Let’s get started:

What is bandwidth?

"Bandwidth is the speed at which data can be transmitted along a digital stream."

For a much easier explanation:

Think of a pipe. Our virtual pipe is connected to the internet. Instead of water, see packets of data flowing to and fro.

A big pipe would transmit more water (data) than a smaller pipe. Right?

Similarly, having more bandwidth equates to a faster internet connection.

"Bandwidth has another meaning in radio hosting "

At CloudRadio, just like at other radio streaming services, bandwidth is the amount of data your radio streaming server uses each month to broadcast to your listeners.

Bandwidth = Data usage

For instance, if a listener listens to a 128 Kbps stream for 1 hour, they will use 56.25 MB of data/bandwidth. Ten listeners would use 562.50 MB if they tuned in for a total of 60 minutes.

If you’re streaming at 320 Kbps, meaning a higher quality stream, a listener tuning in for one hour would use 140.62 MB of data/bandwidth.

Many radio hosts restrict your bandwidth usage

When your bandwidth or usage is restricted, it means that you can run out of your allocated data.

For instance, if you sign up for a plan at $10 with 10GB bandwidth, once your data is all gobbled up by listeners, you can’t continue streaming.

You might have to buy additional data, which is a big inconvenience.

Let's see an example of a hosting plan:

How does CloudRadio compare with other streaming providers. Let's have a look at quick example.


Bandwidth: 1 TB (1024 GB)

Listeners: Unlimited

Streaming quality: 128 Kbps

Listening hours: About 20,000

Fees: Fixed monthly fee.


Bandwidth: Unlimited

Listeners: 1000 max per server

Streaming quality: Up to 320 Kbps

Listening hours: Unlimited

Fees: Variable - pay as you go.

Let's carry out some calculations...

For the competitor's plan, the listener will stream at 128 Kbps using about 56 MB of data each hour.

Because they offer limited bandwidth, let's divide the total data usage per hour with the allocated bandwidth.

So if we divide 1,024,000 Mb by 56 Mb, we get roughly 18,000 hours.

What if, 1000 people listened to the radio for 24 hours in a given month.

Collectively, they would use around 1.3 TB of bandwidth and spend 24,000 listening hours.

Here is the deal

On CloudRadio, the bandwidth is unlimited.

Also, the limit of 1000 simultaneous listeners is not restrictive as most web radio stations fall within this listenership range.

However, there is option of adding more servers with ease. Also, listeners can tune in at the highest quality.

The best advantage:

"You don't have to worry or care about your data usage."

What is premium bandwidth?

Premium bandwidth implies running your station on a stable network with good peering.

It's better than a normal internet connection because your stream will be fast and stable.

Benefits of unlimited bandwidth & premium bandwidth.

  • Fast and buffer-free streams.

  • Streaming at 320 kbps without worries.

  • Listeners can listen as long as they want.

  • It might be cost effective if you have a tendency to exhaust your allocated data.

Choose CloudRadio for Radio Hosting with Unlimited Bandwidth

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What if I grow my fan base and need more than 1000 listeners per server?

CloudRadio will grow with you. We have hosted a project that featured more 15,000 simultaneous listeners. You'll just have to contact us for a custom solution.

Is it going to be expensive?

We are flexible and we can offer you a custom price depending on your project and budget.

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