30 of Best Online Radio Streams (Curated by CloudRadio)

July 29, 2020 | Winston 

Love listening to online radio streams? 

It's our hobby too!

Now, finding the best streams can be a bit weary! 

A hit or miss scenario.

That's why we're sharing a list of 30 best radio stations.

These are recommendations from one radio enthusiast to another. 

Without further ado...

Here is the list: 


Please note: It is not an official list of the top 30 radio stations in the world. Don't fret if you don't see your fav station featured. Let's get started:

1. 95-106 Capital FM

  • Complementary Hits
  • UK, London

Key highlights of this radio station include the Capital morning breakfast show with Roman Kemp. You have a section of top hits throughout the day. Very good stream quality. And fun contests & pranks to keep you buzzy.

2. Hot 89.9 FM

  • Top 40 & Pop (CHR)
  • Ottawa, Canada

Well-liked and a favorite of many. Tune-in to catch the top morning breakfast show in Canada, "Morning Tub." Other than that, the station was launched in 2003. 

3. Virgin Athems UK

  • Hot AC
  • United Kingdom

If you're looking for soft rock and easy listening –and you're in the UK –listen to Virgin Athems UK. They have three other stations, including  Virgin Radio UK, Radio Groove UK, and Radio Chilled UK. 

4. BBC Radio 2 

  • Adult Contemporary
  • United Kingdom 

"Suh." One of the top radio stations in UK by listener count alone. It draws up to 15.6 million listeners weekly.

People flock to the station for quality content. And on BBC radio 2, you can expect a mix of pop and some easy listening music. You'll get a variety of programming, including comedy shows, interviews, & documentaries.  

5. 90.3 KEXP 90.3

  • Alternative & Indie Rock
  • Washington, USA

KEXP is the place to be for a variety of programming. The public radio stations has many disc jockeys, so you'll get the variety you deserve.

Make sure to catch the "Midnight Jazz Theater" hosted by John Gilbreath. It's our favorite. And remember to support by donating.

6. KISS 106.5 

  • Hot Adult Complementary 
  • Sydney, Australia

Nice vibes from down under is what you get when you listen to KISS 106.5. Tune-in for "The Kyle and Jackie O Show" —one of the biggest shows in AU.

Kyle & Jackie O have been on air together for about 20 years.

7. RTÉ 2fm

  • Top 40 & Pop Music
  • Dublin, Ireland

2Fm is the sound of the nation. An absolutely fun station to listen to. There is a nice selection of upbeat music. Also tune-in for the 2Fm Morning breakfast show. 

8. Triple J

  • Alternative Rock, Indie, Hip-hop
  • Sydney, Australia

Currently, I'm following Tripple J's Hottest 100 of the Decade (the 2010s) playlist. The station is well-liked, wherever you turn: Facebook, 1.3M followers. Tune-In 645K favorites.

Another show to catch is "Roots 'n All." The host, Anele, plays root music from all over the world.

9. BBC Radio 1

  • Contemporary Hit Radio
  • UK

Listeners tune-in to BBC Radio 1 for their official chart. They have plenty of big-name DJs. Throughout the day, you'll be entertained with popular songs. In the evenings, there is a variety of hip-hop tracks, dance, indie, and more.  

10. Flava

  • Hip-Hop
  • Auckland, New Zealand

Flava plays beats that move you. The station is one of New Zealand's oldest Hip Hop stations. Catch the "Wake Up Call" in the mornings. Their playlists will also carry you through the day. 

11. ESPN New York 

  • Sports Talk
  • New York, US

Plenty of sports news & discussions. Some well-liked shows include Golic & Wingo, Kay Live... 

12. WHUR - FM

  • Urban Adult Contemporary
  • Washington, D.C.

You'll love WHUR-FM. Fun morning shows with prank calls.Good classic songs from DC. All the latest hits. What's more, the station has been broadcasting since 1971. 

13. WBEZ Chicago

  • US News
  • Chicago, US

It's an NPR affiliated public radio station. It syndicates the "Morning Edition." Mostly, it's what we tune-in to catch.

14. Metro FM

  • Urban
  • South Africa

Metro FM is a great place to get acquainted with urban music from South Africa. Get all the variety you can! 

15. Flow 103

  • Hip-Hop
  • Online, Canada

It's one of the best online radio stations for hip-hop music. Their philosophy seems to be more music less talk. In addition, playlists are well--curated & fun. No wonder Flow 103 has also received 37.5K likes on Tune.in. 

16. 101.9 THE MIX 

  • Hot AC radio
  • Chicago, US

Catch the fun morning show, Eric in the Morning. They also play music from the hottest artists. Listeners are also rewarded for listening.

17. (1.FM)

  • Reggae
  • Online, Switzerland

The station plays reggae hits and popular tracks all day long. You'll also catch Dancehall tracks & roots music. 1.FM has 60 other channels across various genres. 

18. WZXR 99.3

  • Rock & Roll
  • PA, US

The station plays rock music and has been broadcasting since 1991. 

19. KUTX 98.9 FM

  • Adult Album Alternative
  • Austin, Texas

Tired of commercial music? KUTX radio station will play music submitted by artists based in Austin. You get a refreshing listening experience after constantly hearing the same tracks on every other station.

20. The Beat 99.9 FM 

  • Urban
  • Nigeria

Plays the best Urban music in Nigeria & from the rest of the world. Drive time shows are especially entertaining. 

21. CJAD 800

  • Local News
  • Montreal, Canada

Are you in Montreal? CJAD 800 —a news & talk station —is the best station for national and location news.

22. Homeboyz Radio

  • Hip-Hop & Urban
  • Kenya

Broadcasts straight from Nairobi. It's full of talented djs dropping the hottest mixes. You'll love most of the shows from the Breakfast show to the "Boyz Club" in the afternoons (GMT +03). It's dubbed "Nairobi's Home of HipHop Culture."

23. New Country 96.3 

  • Hot Country
  • Texas

If you're looking for the best station for new hot country, listen to New Country. Start your day with fun by listening to Mornings with Hawkeye. 

24. Smooth Jazz 

  • Jazz
  • Online

Relax with the best smooth jazz on the web. It's the perfect companion all day long —whether you're working or chilling out with friends. Plus, the stream is clear & pleasant to listen to.

25. Cinemix

  • Sound tracks
  • Online, France

We have featured it in this list because of the unique content it puts out. Listeners get to listen to movie soundtracks 24/7. 

26. Soho Radio

  • Every genre
  • Online, UK

Soho Radio keeps you entertained with a wide variety of shows and music. They don't believe in curated playlists, prepared at weekly boardroom meetings. Particularly, we like the "Rotating Institute with Justin Robertson." The vinyl sessions are pretty unique. 

27. Nova 100

  • Adult Contemporary
  • Melborune, Australia

Don't let timezone differences keep you from listening to stations from Australia. Another favorite of ours is Nova 100. Especially listen to the Chrissie, Sam & Browny morning show. 

28. Dublab

  • Variety
  • Online, Los Angeles

DubLab promotes art, culture, and music. There are a non-profit & internet-based station. They play music from all over the world, from artists you never heard before. Djs also get total freedom over their shows.

29. Classic Hits Ireland

  • 80s & 90s 
  • Dubin, Ireland

You'll love the music and on-air discussions on major topics, for instance, the effect of social media on mental health. Expect music from artists such as Queen, Bonnie Tyler, Communards... 

30.  Rock 92

  • Classic Rock 
  • Carolina, USA

Occasionally, we tune in for the Two Guys Named Chris show. The station has been broadcasting for the last 30 years.

Final Take

Hopefully, this list of the 30 best radio stations will help you find a good station.

Know other awesome stations? Share them in comments section.

Mention two things: 

"[Name] & [why you love the station]" 

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