Learn how broadcast internet radio with Cross DJ. While the program does not have a built-in encoder, we will suggest encoders that you can use.

Software information

Platform: PC & Mac
License: Free & Commercial
Server type: Needs external encoder
Download Page: https://www.mixvibes.com/cross-dj-4/

What we love about Cross DJ

We like that you can broadcast internet radio with Cross DJ. Now, the free version will not support recording, MIDI controller use, and iTunes integration. On the other hand, it can play video music files. With the auto dj function and playlists, you can automate your broadcast.

Auto song matching will give you the ability to choose the right music track for smooth transitions. There is a wide range of FX effects to take advantage of during live music shows.

Now, it needs a built-in encoder to broadcast to an Icecast or Shoutcast server. See how to by-pass this limitation.

1. How to install Cross DJ

  • Open the download page.
  • Choose the demo version that offers limited features.
  • Launch the .exe file you have downloaded to run the setup wizard.

2. How to broadcast internet radio with Cross DJ

Cross DJ lacks a built-in encoder. One of the alternative methods of capturing and broadcasting audio is creating virtual inputs and outputs using Voicemeeter or enabling stereo mix.

For a simpler approach, you can use a standalone encoder that can capture and broadcast audio from your sound card or speakers.

There are paid solutions that can do this, including LiveStream, Rocket Broadcaster, Audio Hijack (macOS), and Sam Cast.

For instance, try Rocket Broadcaster as it offers a free version. In Cross Dj, we'll set the output device as follows:

Now, in Rocket Broadcaster, we'll just set the program to capture audio from the output speakers.

3. Adding and playing music tracks

  • Using the files explorer, locate your music folder.
  • The software will scan and add tracks.
  • Drag music into the decks and start playing.
  • You can also set up your SoundCloud integration in the free version.

Learn how to use the program with the user manual.

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