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You're one busy creator. Running your radio station, working a job, taking care of your family...

Ever felt like there is too much to do? And not enough time in the day.

Here is the secret of staying on top of things. Increase your efficiency with modern tools.

Today, we'll share a full list of tools for internet radio broadcasters & podcasters. Find tools to:

  • Collaborate & communicate;
  • Broadcast;
  • Record;
  • Encode;
  • Dj;
  • And more.

Let's get started:


1. Radio Automation Programs

Which radio broadcasting software are you currently using?

Tired of your current setup and want to see what other automation programs offer?

We got you covered. 😀

Here is a comprehensive list of radio broadcasting software. You need these programs for creating playlists, scheduling, audio mixing, music playout, and more.



2. Collaboration Tools

No radio is an island. Even if you're a one-person show, you might think of adding more team members to your radio.

They don't have to be paid staff. You can have volunteer DJs or hosts from any city or country in the world.

All they need is access to the internet. And you may collabo, exchange messages, share docs, voice or video call —using the following tools:

3. Freelancer Sites

You might need to hire a freelancer for certain tasks, for instance:

Want a killer site but don't have the skills? Just find a web developer.

Need a cool cover art before you upload your radio show to MixCloud? Spend just $5 on a graphic designer on Fiverr. Get a nice custom cover.

So, quickly here are more places to hire freelancers:

4. DJ Programs

by SamWilliamsPhoto

Are you a bedroom Dj? Which Dj programs have you used in the past?

Well, we can thank DJ programs for making djing possible without any need for mixing decks.

In fact, a Dj program can be used to create an entire music radio program. You can even record and save your live mixes.

Some Dj programs like Mixxx and Virtual Dj have inbuilt encoders allowing you to stream audio straight to your radio broadcasting server.

So, here are your choices:

5. Encoder Programs

The encoder is a program that captures sound from your computer sound inputs.

It then converts the sound into a streamable format, for instance, MP3, AAC, etc. The encoder also sets the stream's bitrate.

Two popular stream formats used many online radios are AAC 64 Kbps and MP3 128 Kbps.

You might be lucky if your Djing or radio automation program has an inbuilt encoder.

If not, here are some standalone encoder software for streaming audio:

6. Audio Editing & Recording Software

Do you have a show that you want to produce?

It's very probable that you'll need an audio recording program. The programs come with a number of tools that all you to edit your recording to suit different purposes.

For instance, you may want to record a radio show jingle with lots of sound effects.

Got a minute? Check out the audio programs we reviewed here.

And here is the list of popular recording options:

7. Virtual Audio Device & Audio Mixer Tool

You may need an audio mixer application, especially when working with a standalone encoder.

*Some of the radio automation programs have features you'd find in a standalone virtual audio mixer like routing.

So why would you need a virtual audio mixer? For instance, you can capture and mix sound coming from specific applications such as Skype.

You may even mix sound from inputs such as USB microphones, internet streams, external sound mixers, and more.

Check out these popular virtual I/O audio mixing tools:

8. Remote Interview Software


Do you run a podcast or radio show and want to host remote interviews? Forget the funny dog for a second.

Now, many people may use Skype, or at least consider it.

But it's not the industry favorite. There are other alternatives that even allow you to co-host a show remotely.

Many of these programs are offered on a subscription basis. And work as web-based apps.

Let's see the alternatives you have:

9. Free Website Builders

Want to create awesome websites without paying a dime?.

Well, you don't need any coding knowledge to build a great website. Creating a site nowadays is a matter of dragging and dropping basic website building blocks.

You then add your unique content. Now, some free tools you may use to create a radio or podcast website include:

10. Social Media Management

Keeping fans updated and engaged on social media is a crucial task for any radio broadcaster.

With multiple social media platforms, it becomes harder to manage everything.

That's why you need a dedicated social media management platform.

There are many social management tools to use. On some, you start out with a free account and upgrade to paid features.

Do you use any tools that we have not included?

You can share some of the tools in the comments section.

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