You just want to listen to the radio on your phone or the car because, well, even the best playlist can’t match the radio experience — with jocks bantering, traffic updates, weather updates, the news, on-air contests —you want it, radio has got it.

But how can you access online radio on your device? This guide reveals the top ways to tune in to internet radio.

And why web radio? Because it gives you access to stations from the East Coast if you’re from the West Coast and UK stations if you’re taking a trip down under. You get CD-quality with little interference even after driving off city limits most of the time.

Unlike satellite radio, there is no bill in your mailbox at the end of the month. And nowadays, internet plans are generous enough, and you may be on an unlimited plan with lots of data to spare.

Let’s get to it then:

How to listen to internet radio on your smartphone

Listening to internet radio on your smartphone is pretty straightforward, “You can simply install a radio app.” But wait! There is a way to do this without installing any apps, which entails using your phone’s browser.

Simply visit any of the following links (see list below 1 to 30). They point to internet directories that host thousands of radio stations from around the world (P.S. You can use the same links to listen on your desktop):

Internet radio directories for phone and desktop browsers

  1. Streema

  2. TuneIn

  3. Radioguide.FM

  4. Radio Garden

  5. myTuner Radio


  7. Radioline

  8. Online Radio Box

  9. StreamingThe.Net


  11. Radio FM

  12. TuneYou



  15. Filtermusic

  16. Live Online Radio


  18. LiveRadio.UK

  19. Screamer Radio

  20. BlindRadio

  21. Frequence Radio

  22. StreamFinder

  23. vTuner

  24. RadioDex



  27. Tunerr

  28. RadioPlug

  29. Get Me Radio

  30. VRadio

Note that the directories may not necessarily have different stations, as radio stations submit their streaming links to as many websites as possible to get found easily. The choice of the directory to use may boil down to its usability, interface, features, etc.

Next, let’s cover the top 5 apps based on ratings that you can use on iOS and Android devices:

Best internet radio apps for iOS

Radio apps are necessary if you want to listen to radio on iOS devices. Reason? iPhones, iPods, and iPads don’t come with built-in AM or FM tuners. Rather than leaving you to sort through internet radio iOS apps, we picked the top 4 highly-rated apps and mentioned how to use Apple Music to listen to online radio:

#1: iHeart: #1 for Radio, Podcasts - #10 in Music

iHeartMedia offers all audio entertainment for free - podcasts, stations, and music. The app has a 4.7/5 rating from over 525.3K reviews. Note that some exclusive content may require a subscription.

Download the iHeart iOS app

#2. Simple Radio – Live AM FM App by Streema, Inc - #68 in Music

Simple Radio is one of the best iOS apps for listening to the radio on iPhones. The app has a 4.7-star rating based on 397.8K reviews. The basic version is free but offers in-app purchases.

Users have said many good things about the app:

“Reliable performance and good selection”

“Simple as can be.”

Download Simple Radio on Apple Store

#3: RadioApp - A Simple Radio by Firetruck Productions - #74 in Music

One reason to love the RadioApp is its familiar analogy-style tuner that provides access to local and international web radio streams.

Download RadioApp iOS

#4: TuneIn Radio: News & Music App - #130 in Music

The TuneIn app hosts over 100,000 global radio stations. It has a 4.7 out of 5 score with 4.1K reviews. Its twin app on the Google Play Store boasts of more downloads and reviews.

Download TuneIn Radio for iOS

#5: Apple Music App - preinstalled

P.S. You can listen to broadcast radio on the Apple Music app with no downloads. Just ask Siri to play a particular radio station or search the station from the radio tap in the Music app.

Best internet radio apps for android

Listening to FM stations on Android is pretty much smooth sailing. Most android phones have FM tuners even on recent models. Still, you must use your headphone jack as an antenna, meaning that the connection may be spotty. Internet radio apps have a more convenient experience. So, here are the top radio apps for Android.

#1: TuneIn

On the Play Store, TuneIn reigns supreme. It boasts 50+ million downloads and over 2,100,00 reviews with an average score of 4.6. The app brings you thousands of stations worldwide and offers exclusive sports content and podcasts.

Download TuneIn for Android

#2: iHeart: #1 for Radio, Podcasts

The iHeart app is highly-rated on Google Play with a 4.7 rating out of 5. It has been reviewed over 2,200,000 times with 50million+ installs. While the app is generally great for radio, many users have complained about its music feature.

Download iHeart for Android

#3:Radio FM Online

The RadioFM app unlocks access to 50,000 + radio stations from across 236 countries and territories. It has some nice features: you can use other apps as you listen to the radio, create bookmarks, find stations based on your Geolocation, and more.

Download Radio FM Online

#4: Simple Radio: Live FM AM Radio

Streema continues its dominance on Android with The Simple Radio app that has over 50million installs. It boasts of a clean user interface, no buffering, and one-tap access to your favorite stations.

Download Simple Radio

#5: - Live FM radio

With 10+ million installs and an average rating of 4.6/5, is another top internet radio app to try for your Android smartphone - particularly if you’re bored with the others. It comes alarm and sleep timer. You can also listen to podcasts.

Install here

How to Listen to Online Radio on Android Auto

Smart infotainment systems make listening to online radio stations in your car easier using your existing apps on your phone. If you have an Android phone, your car infotainment system should support Android Auto.

You need to first link your phone with a USB cable or through a wireless connection. After connecting successfully, you should see the Android Auto Dashboard display with all the compatible apps.

As of now, the best internet radio apps to use on Android auto include:

● TuneIn

● iHeartRadio

● Simple Radio

● FM Radio

(P.S. You only need to install them on your phone)

How to Listen to Internet Radio on Carplay

Apple CarPlay aims to make it safer to use your phone in the car. It can give directions, send messages, or allow you to stream online radio through apps on your Apple device. While all major automobile manufacturers now support CarPlay, check to see if your model is supported.

Setting up CarPlay is quite easy. You can follow Apple's recommended steps found here .If your car supports wireless,Cars and choose your car.

You’ll need internet radio apps that support CarPlay. The best apps to install are TuneIn, Simple Radio, and iHeart Radio.

So, that’s pretty much it—everything you need to know to listen to internet radio across your devices.

And if you fancy starting a radio station, check out our guide on starting an internet radio station.