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Are using CloudRadio’s pop out player on your radio website?

For one, it gives listeners any easy way to keep listening to your stream even after they leave your website.

The best part..

You don’t need any programming know-how to activate this feature. Nor a paid service at CloudRadio.

Here is how to get the pop out radio player:

What’s a Pop Out Radio Player?

It’s a player that opens on a new browser window. Listeners can then listen to your radio stream on a separate browser window without interfering with other open tabs and cluttering their screen.

Does it work like a popup ad?

Well, not exactly. Popup ads appear over the window the user is viewing obstructing items in the background.

For instance, you might have encountered a lightbox popup asking you to subscribe to a mailing list.

A pop out player is similar to a pop-under ad. It appears on a second browser window and doesn't interrupt the web visitor's viewing area.

So visitors can navigate other pages or work on desktop programs while listening to your radio.

Interesting fact:

The JavaScript code that allows the player to show up on a second window was created in 1997. It's window.open();

Will web browsers block the pop out radio player?


Most browsers allow the pop-up window to execute if the user has intentionally triggered the window.open() function either by clicking a link or button.

But, the browser might block the popup if it's caused by a non-interactive event such as when the page is loaded.

Note that Google Chrome has begun blocking mixed-content on websites. It stops listeners from effectively loading unsecured radio streams on secure websites.

Is a pop-out player the same thing as a pop out radio?

A pop out radio station is a temporary radio station created during special events and goes off-air after the event.

For instance, during the during the Rio 2016 Olympics, BBC created the BBC 5 live Olympics Extra.

At CloudRadio, you can easily create and destroy pop out radio stations. Find out more!

CloudRadio Pop Out Radio Player

You can integrate our HTML5 player on any website in three ways.

  • As a pop-out
  • An Iframe
  • As part of the page.

Other benefits of the player include:

1) Simple setup

Setting up the player is effortless. We provide the code inside the console. You only need to copy and paste it.

2) Customize how it looks with a few clicks

What’s more, you can edit the appearance of the player by changing the primary color & accent color, position the on screen, and more!

You get to preview it as you make the changes.

3) HTTPS enabled

Forget about your website showing up as not secure when you embed a radio player on your site. Our player supports HTTPS. All you need is toggle on the HTTPS button.

4) Automatic album art

The player also automatically displays album art for each song from the metadata.

Create a Pop Out Radio Player Today!

You can use the pop out radio player even if you don't have a paid service with us.

All you need is a radio server and an account at CloudRadio. But we recommend getting your radio on CloudRadio’s modern platform to take advantage of all our features.

For instance, competitive radio hosting services on servers strategically located around the world.

Hundreds of radios are already using our technology. Their listeners enjoy fast, buffer-free streams.

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