Do you run a radio blog for your station? That's smart. It's a sure way to get more eyeballs on your website.

Having a blog is the easy part. The difficult bit is finding topics to write about.

This blog post promises 6 new radio blog topic ideas. Are you smiling already? You should because your writer's block is about to be obliterated.


1) News Topics

a. Entertainment News

Talk about what's happening in the world of entertainment. Give readers information about the celebrities they know and love.

If you were writing a blog on 1st Nov 2019, for instance, you'd have talked about the Royal Family and the ongoing rift between Prince Williams and Prince Harry.

Another potential news item for your radio blog could have been the love relationship between Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes, who had a new album out.

You’ll have your work cut out for you. There are numerous entertainment blogs, YouTube channels, and TV shows to keep you updated with entertainment news.

Curating and finding the newsworthy stuff will not be a strenuous task at all.

b. Weird/Odd News Stories

People visiting your blog expect articles that thoroughly entertain them. So, why not try weird new stories because we live in a pretty strange world full of funny, strange & odd actors.

For instance:

  • "Man hires a personal butler for his mountain dog"
  • "Student wearing gory costume crushes her car and people think she is dead"
  • *"Influencer claims body shampoo makes people fat" *
  • "People in spider-man costumes storm city hall"

c. Sport News

Sharing sports highlights to your listeners is another radio blog topic to try.

Publish a pre-game analysis. Share news about potential trades. Discuss the results of a prior match or make predictions on future games.

d. Local News

Local events may go uncovered since they don't have a far-reaching impact. That's why it makes sense to have your ear on the ground and create a local news segment.

You can publish features of famous residents or report on the decisions of local council meetings.

Beyond the local news, you can cover other news topics in your blog, such as:

  • Tech news (Handsets, Cryptocurrency, apps, gadgets, etc.)
  • Consumer news
  • Political news
  • Climate news

2) Diet, Exercise, and Health Topics

Radio is all about lifestyle. That’s what makes diet, exercise, and health topics good radio station blog ideas.

For instance, you can publish a blog on 10 Secret Ways of Staying Fit While Working a 9-5 Job.

Think of featuring topics to do with diet, exercise, and health on your future radio blog posts.

3) Unknown Facts About [Host's Name]

Here is another brilliant radio blog idea:

Are your presenters getting enough coverage on your website?

Surprise them by writing a blog post on 10 facts you didn’t know the host.

For instance, if Mary is the radio presenter of your morning show, find out:

  • Who are her top three music artists?
  • What’s the name of her cat or dog?
  • What was her first gig?
  • What's her favorite movie?
  • Does she play any instruments?

4) Playlists for Holidays (Halloween, Easter etc)

When prepping for the holidays, the last thing on your listeners' minds should be curating good music.

Therefore, create special radio playlists for the key holidays, including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, etc.

You can publish these playlists on your radio blog and share them on social media too.

5) Radio Guest Interviews

For instance:

Does your radio station invite authors as guests?

Your guests can answer some questions on air, and also have bonus questions that you'll publish on your radio blog.

You might even send the author a list of questions and later publish their responses in a radio blog post.

NPR is a fan of author interviews, in fact, check out this example to get an idea of how to do it: The Hard Times: The First 40 Years'

6) Travel Pieces

Your listeners engage in travel activities.

Have travel pieces on your radio station blog. You can do a piece on an exotic destination or feature a local attraction that many people don't know about.

For an idea on how to pull this off, here are pieces featured on CBS's travel section on their blog: Tractor Trailer Accident Causing Traffic Delays At Philadelphia International Airport and Top 3 Eco-Friendly Vacation Spots.

Tell Us More About Your Radio Blog Topic Ideas

Which topic do you love writing about in your radio station blog?

Well, you should ideally have a blog post section on your radio website. And don't worry if no one is paying attention yet.

Blogs take some time before they start generating a buzz.

So share your ideas with us in the comments.

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