Scouting for a radio hosting provider that offers internet radio hosting with Auto DJ capabilities?

CloudRadio has hosted radio stations, both big and small, for more than a decade.

We understand and solve challenges internet radio broadcasters face.

For instance, we developed a modern, simple-to-use console in response to control panels that were too complex to figure out and lacking on essential tools.

Our new autodj is still in developed.

Straightaway, let’s look at the reasons why you may need internet radio hosting with auto dj:

Reasons Why You Need Internet Radio Hosting with Auto DJ

1. When broadcasting live from a home computer is not viable

Some factors can make broadcasting live from home at all times impossible.

For instance, if you have a limited internet plan or slow upload speeds that may cause buffering issues.

Maybe, you’re broadcasting from a laptop that you’re also using for other tasks.

2. Internet and power outages

If an unexpected internet or power outage affects your studio, your stream will be offline for a couple of seconds, minutes or even days until the matter is resolved.

It can be instrumental to have an Auto DJ running on the cloud, and acting as a back up to your mainstream.

3. Technical difficulties, upgrades or software crashes

It’s not a rare occurrence for a playback software to stop working, a PC to disconnect from the WiFi without your knowledge, or the computer to overheat and shut off.

You need a way to get notified if your stream is offline.

We offer free stream monitoring services. Our system samples your stream after a couple of minutes for dead air and sends you an email.

4. Unattended broadcasting

Unattended broadcasting will be a lot easier when you have an Auto DJ that you can access anywhere you go, as long as you have internet.

And if you don’t have time to create playlists, the Auto DJ can select and play songs randomly.

How an Autodj Radio can Help

An Auto DJ can automate your playback. You can upload some mp3, and it will select and play them back.

Okay...this may not sound groundbreaking in this technological age. But think back to the older days of radio, when recordings were made by cutting grooves on discs, and the ‘disc jockey’ had to feed the discs into the phonograph.

Besides automating your playback, an Auto DJ comes with more innovative features such as:

CDN setup with support for unlimited listeners

An autodj solution combines Autodj features + radio hosting capabilities. It is important to choose an autodj that allows simultaneous listeners because it runs on a Content Delivery Network made up of servers deployed in several locations around the world. That way, your listeners are connected to the closest location. In the old way, listeners streamed from one server with limited resources and the inability to scale.


You can create playlists, add songs you have uploaded, and schedule the playlist in a dynamic calendar. *We plan to add this feature soon, but was available in earlier versions.

Our autodj is currently in production, check out the official page.

More reasons to choose an Autodj

a) An intuitive interface

Easy to use and fast to learn—an autodj radio frees up your time so you can focus on tasks that will take your radio to the next level.

b) Standard and mobile streams

Mostly, you get two streams by default (one low up to 64 Kbps and one high up to 360 Kbps).

c) Unlimited bandwidth &TLHs

It's important to select a provider that doesn't monitor and restrict the traffic or bandwidth you use.

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