A successful radio station application: works just fine; lacks annoying bugs; is simple to use; delivers a clear and reliable stream; has a great UI; is easy to navigate.

With an app builder—you can create a radio station app without writing a single line of code. An individual or company can also code one for you.

Regardless of the route you choose, these tips will come in handy when creating a great radio app:

1. What do you want to accomplish with your app?

A radio station app is a tool that makes certain tasks intuitive. For instance, a listener may choose to tune in through your app, because it is more convenient than tuning in from your website.

While it’s clear-cut as to the role of the app, you must also factor in the goals you want your radio station app to accomplish.

For instance, bringing in new listeners, increasing the hours spent listening to your radio by current listeners, or offering more insight on your listeners.

Don’t just think of shiny features you want to endow your app with, also give thought to the station’s goals, mission, and vision.

2. Does your radio station app excel at its core functionality?

On a cold night, you sport a thick fur coat for its warmth. Its appearance may be a secondary consideration.

So what’s the core feature of your mobile app? I suspect its streaming audio from your server and playing it back to your listeners.

So first, you need a quality and reliable stream. Ever listened to a radio stream laden with static, long pauses, and at such a low quality that you didn’t know what song was playing?

We have, and that's why we built a solid Content Delivery Network with servers in multiple locations around the world. Regardless if the listener is in Asia, Europe or the Americas, your stream will be clear and crisp.

Learn more about our CDN network.

Your radio station app also needs a superb player. I did some research in a bid to uncover if radio apps have good players. I installed some from the Google Play Store.

Most player designs were so so, which impacted my listening experience. But, I found a gem —well I have been using it for a couple of months now. Take a look at TuneIn's stream player.

What did I like about it?

If the station has several streams at different bitrates, you'll easily find the one you're comfortable with. (Since I listen on mobile, I always go for lower bitrates).

In addition:

You can comment, share, set a sleep timer, forward & rewind the stream. The player also displays the album art and song’s title, which adds to the overall experience.

#Fun fact\

According to Nielsen’s report on US media consumption in the first quarter of 2018, US adults spent 11 hours per day on average consuming media.

That's a lot!

3. Think user stories

Does your radio station app need podcast, concerts, playlists, Facebook feed, Twitter Feed, Instagram Feed, or blog content sections?

Seems like the user will be overwhelmed, or some features might go entirely unused.

Keeps things simple:

One way do this is to figure out the listener's needs or intentions as they use your radio station application.

Then express them as a user story.

User story template: As a listener, I want to [goal/need] so that [a reason].

Let's fill in the blanks—As a listener, I want to set a sleep timer so I can leave the music on as I catch some z’s and not wake up to a drained battery.

Create more user stories. Then come up with a prototype app bearing the basic features needed to satisfy the listener’s desires.

4. Usability, performance & appearance

Usability – Is you radio station application easy to use?

Can someone learn it quickly? Will users of all abilities successfully navigate and understand your user interface.

Appearance - Your app needs to look great too! There is a reason we’re in love with Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Bugattis!

Not only are they fast, but they are also sleek, sharp & exotic. So don’t have your app looking like an old farm truck.

Use color to communicate the feel, tone, and to convey important information.

Make sure your radio station’s logo is visible at all times. Even ensure that the colors you use are easily distinguishable for persons with color blindness.

Performance – No one wants an app that keeps crashing. Bad experiences are more likely to push users to leave reviews than good experiences. *google it.

Ideally, your app should have an application monitoring system in place. At your convenience, you can read more on application monitoring tools.

5. Consider publishing on alternative app stores and platforms

Most radio stations only target the Google Play Store or the App Store.

There are other app marketplaces you can take advantage of including App Brain, Amazon App Store, AppsLib, among others.

Also expand your reach to multiple platforms. For instance, smart speakers, car infotainment systems like Google Auto, etc.

6. Promote your app

Take stock of all the channels you can use to promote your app, and focus on the most effective ones.

You've at your disposal:

Social media platforms, radio imaging e.g. sweepers & promos, email lists, radio blog, website, influencers, your on-air radio personalities.

Some radio stations are offering cash sums of up to $10,000 for users who download their applications. See Star 107.9.

Keep promoting your radio station so as to garner more downloads. If they don't know it is exists, how you do expect them to use it?

7. Monitor and improve your radio station application

If you’re a regular app user or Windows 10 user, one of the nuisances is having to update your software regularly – (Okay if you have automatic updates enabled, you might not even notice what happens under the hood).

Similarly, keep your app updated. Improve the user experience by making it faster & lighter. Roll out bug fixes, freshen up the UI, etc.

Continuous monitoring is also key.

Some of the important metrics that will give you insight into your listeners may include the retention rate (people who use your app after their first try).

Churn rate (those who stop using the radio application after their initial use). Active daily users. Active monthly users. New downloads etc.

Check out the feedback, and respond appropriately to both praises and complaints.

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