Learn how broadcast internet radio with Serato DJ. While the program does not have a built-in encoder, we will suggest encoders that you can use.

Software information

Platform: Windows & macOS
Licence: Commercial (from $129)
Server type: Needs external encoder
Download Page: https://serato.com/dj/pro/downloads

What we love about Serato DJ

The program's simplicity means that there is no steep learning curve. You still get all the features to host mix-music shows even without external controllers. Its outstanding features include:

  • 4-decks
  • iTunes integration
  • Fx effects
  • Streamlined design
  • Support for video file formats

1. How to install Serato DJ

Download Serato DJ for your operating system. Even without purchasing a license, you can use Serato to dj with your computer. Now, after the download, in Windows:

  • Open the zip file to access the .exe file
  • Run the installer
  • Launch Serato DJ

2. Options to capture & broadcast audio without an integrated encoder

Since the software lacks a built-in encoder, it cannot broadcast to a radio broadcasting server directly. You can try alternative methods of capturing and broadcasting audio, including:

a) Use an encoder that can capture audio from the sound card

There are a number of encoders that can capture audio outputted to your sound card. Paid options include LiveStream, Rocket Broadcaster, Audio Hijack, and Sam Cast.

b) Create virtual inputs and outputs

If you want more control over the audio that's captured in your computer, it's recommended that you use a program to create virtual inputs and outputs.

One of the best configurations is using Voicemeeter with BUTT.

c) Use stereo mix (may not work on all computers)

Finally, if your computer supports Stereo Mix, you can use this technique to capture audio from all applications. Then, use a free encoder like Altacast or BUTT for streaming.

Learn how to enable Stereo Mix and what it is.

3. Playing music

  • Create a Crate
  • Drag and drop music files directly into it to build a playlist
  • Load them onto the decks
  • Click the Play button.
  • You can activate Autoplay from the bottom toolbar

You can access help articles within the interface, as shown above (2).

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